Morning Teaching Programme

The Ibhabhathane Project

Financially independent of the WCED, The Ibhabhathane Project sponsors learners and teachers from previously disadvantaged schools to come to the FJAC to experience quality art teaching in our morning teaching programme. The learners participate in a four hour workshop with Frank Joubert teachers. The class teachers accompany their classes and actively participate in these workshops, learning alongside their learners. In this way, INSET (in-service teacher training) takes place in a practical, hands-on way.

We work in partnership with participating schools over a two-year period so that teachers are given sufficient training to be able to provide quality art education in their schools at the end of the two-year cycle.

The Ibhabhathane project supports 10 primary schools, seven high schools including the Focus Schools for the Arts as well as special schools such as the BEST Centre which is an ABET Centre (Adult Basic Education and Training) in the morning teaching programme.

LSEN Learners (Learners with Special Educational Needs)

Five LSEN schools transport both primary and high school learners to the FJAC for art workshops in the morning.

Local Primary and High Schools

Three neighbourhood primary schools walk or transport several classes to the FJAC each term for four-hourly morning workshops in the Visual Arts and Design. We work closely with the teachers in setting specific projects for these classes according to curricular themes.

Grade 8 and 9 learners from four schools who do not have a trained art teacher are brought to the FJAC as part of the schools Arts and Culture programme. We work closely with the schools in assessing these learners and enabling them to develop an appropriate portfolio for the end of the GET band. Many of these learners continue their art studies at the FJAC in the FET band from Grade 10 to 12.

Other Schools/Centres

We work with learners from the BEST Centre offering them the Arts and Culture component of the ABET curriculum. We also teach art to the learners from the Islamic school, ICRA, in the Bo-Kaap.