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Adult Education

A B C Drawing (Adult Beginners Class) ALEX DOWNES

A B C DRAWING (Adult Beginners Class)                                    ALEX DOWNES

Come and enjoy a glass of wine and some relaxing music while you get creative

Line, shape, texture and colour can be expressed in a variety of ways

  • Line drawing, contour & negative shapes
  • 3 D shapes and shading techniques 
  • Oil pastel, pencil & crayon techniques
  • Life drawing and still life
  • Perspective






Water soluble COLOURED PENCILS (Aquarelle). 


1 Sheet of SUGAR PAPER (Deep Pink A3 size)

*All materials available at ARTSAUCE or BRUSH & CANVAS
Sessions: 7 (14 hours)
Dates and times:   

Thursday evenings 18h15 to 20h15

 Starting 5 May 2022 till 23 June 2022 (no class on 16/06/22)






All enquiries and bookings:      ant.alex.downes@gmail.com    

072 242 0266 / 021 689 3966

ABC Painting (Adult Beginners Class) Acrylics & Oils - ALEX DOWNES

A B C PAINTING (Adult Beginners Class)

ACRYLICS & OILS                                                            ALEX DOWNES

Come and enjoy a glass of wine and some relaxing music while you get creative

THE FIRST SESSION WILL TEACH colour mixing and the beginning of your landscape using complimentary colours
Experiment & learn using a variety of painting techniques
Explore colour mixing, composition, mixed media etc. 



   2B pencil

   No 5, No 10,  No 18 flat brushes

   No 6 & No 10 Acrylic soft pointed brush 

Tubes of acrylic paint:  deep rose, red, mid-yellow, ultramarine, burnt sienna, burnt umber, yellow ochre, orange, leaf green, Naples yellow, Payne’s grey & white & and any other colours that you may   wish to add.
3 x Canvas ( first session 600x400mm & after that you may buy a size of your choice)

1st lesson – 2 x photocopies of Van Gogh landscapes showing background, mid ground & foreground     ( i.e. mountains, fields, trees etc.)  We will crop and use these to learn composition, perspective and brush strokes.



DATES: Term 2 starting Wednesday 4 May 2022 till 15 June 2022


PRICE: 1500


All enquiries and bookings:      ant.alex.downes@gmail.com    072 242 0266 / 021 689 3966

Botanical Drawing & Art (Beginners Class) - ELNA LUBBE

BOTANICAL DRAWING & watercolour  2022                                                             ELNA LUBBE

(Beginners class)                                                                                   

You will learn to do detailed botanical drawing from plants and flowers created by careful observation and the practice of pencil drawing skills and shading techniques. Watercolour techniques will follow, of which some exercises will be more spontaneous in application. This introductory course will prepare you to work on your own after completion, or you can choose to continue with the intermediate course.  

These classes will be suitable for anyone who loves nature and would like to create botanical art in a peaceful environment.

Students will be encouraged to work in the style that becomes their own and to create vibrant, realistic drawings.


  • All plant specimens will be supplied throughout the course.
  • Pencils in h, hb, 3b, 4b, 6b and sharpener.
  • Water colour brush shape and sizes: round, 0 and 2 and a cheap synthetic mixing brush. 
  • Water colours: Cotmans watercolour tubes, Lemon Yellow, Permanent Rose, Intense blue (pthalo blue) and Sap green, or if you have good quality watercolours of your own, bring those.(If you cannot find these colours, please let me know, as I can order them and sell directly to you. There seems to be a shortage since lockdown).
  • 1 X Paint well or a plastic ice cube tray +- 8 -10 wells for colour mixing.
  • 1 X A3 multi-media sketch pad (or water colour pad, Hot pressed, smooth, 350gsm) or individual sheets as we progress.
  • 1 X Sketch pad.

Please ensure that you are vaccinated, before signing up to do the course

DATES FOR 2022- Term 1

7  X Wednesday evenings: 

02 Feb – 16 March 


7pm – 9pm per evening


R1600 for 7 evenings

Cell:  0827842678

E-mail: Lubbee@cput.ac.za

Classes in Oil Painting - DEON LIEBENBERG

CLASSES IN OIL PAINTING                                                    DEON LIEBENBERG

    • Individual tuition in a small group in a spacious classroom, with Covid protocol strictly adhered to.
    • Beginners to advanced.
    • Thorough grounding in oil painting technique, colour theory, tonal modeling, composition, expression, abstraction, and the use of subject-matter and concepts. 
    • Students are encouraged to develop their own style and vision – one that is a true expression of their experience and perception of the world they live in. To this end the course is tailored and adapted to the individual requirements of each student.

    Days & times:            Evening classes:  Thursdays 6:30pm-8:30pm

    Sessions:                     8

    Dates:                         21st July – 8th September 2022

    Cost:                            R1600

    Enquiries & Booking:  Deon Liebenberg

                                          082 7260 722


    • Deon Liebenberg has lectured in colour, painting, drawing, life drawing and related fine art subjects at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology from 1984 to 2016. He has also done short spells as a visiting lecturer at Stellenbosch University’s Department of Fine Art. 
    • He is also active as a research fellow at CPUT, regularly publishing articles in academic journals, both local and international, on art history and theory, architecture, and on myth. 
    • He has had a number of solo exhibitions of his paintings, as well as taking part in group exhibitions.
Experimental Art - ANNA SHNEOR

EXPERIMENTAL ART ( For adults at all levels! )

Discover the magic of creativity through exciting experimental art classes. Classes will include furniture surface painting, re-designing & painting on garments and collage using a range of techniques and materials.

Requirements: An urge to discover, experiment & create!

Classes include:

Art project 1- Furniture surface painting (Transform your plain coffee table or chair into a masterpiece using experimental paint techniques )

Art project 2 – Designer garments ( Re-design your own designer shirt, jeans or jacket that you can wear with pride.)

Art project 3 – Create designer popup greeting cards using a variety of collage techniques.

Materials are included however you will need to bring your own small wooden furniture item for the first project and a plain white garment or jeans for the 2nd project.

DAY AND TIMES:  Thursdays, 18:00 – 20:00        STARTING 10 Feb 2022       
PRICE:  R 1400 per term
You may join at any time during the term and will be accommodated pro rata fees.

Anna Shneor : 076 283 8277

More about Anna Shneor:  
Design portfolio:

Interactive sculptures:


Mini Introduction To Art Therapy - ANGELA RACKSTRAW

Angela Rackstraw
This is a 6 hour workshop, where you will discover more about Art Therapy. It will be experientially based, but will also involve some discussion and information sharing. This workshop will be especially relevant to Grade 12 learners and others thinking of exploring Art Therapy as a possible career. Or you could be wishing to enrich your creative process or journey, or perhaps you are a counsellor or therapist wishing to understand a little more about art-making in a therapeutic space.

Dates will be finalised once there is a waiting list of at least 5 people. The workshop will take place on a Friday or during the school holidays. These will be repeated as necessary.

For all enquiries, please contact Angela Rackstraw, an (HPCSA registered) Art Therapist with over 20 years of experience and a passion for teaching. Angela often teaches on the Art Therapy training programme in Cork, Ireland and regularly supervises foreign Art Therapy interns here in Cape Town as part of their clinical training

Enquiries & Booking: Angela Rackstraw
021 6839654 or fax: 0866722896

Oil Painting Class - ANNE FOALE

OIL PAINTING CLASS                                                                                ANNE FOALE

“There is an energy in the creative process that can uplift, unify and give an experience of wholeness” 

Whether you are a beginner, an artist who has lagged on the same creative plateau for years or simply deserve the space and time to paint, you will be most welcome to join my oil painting workshops. The course includes the study of line, form, pattern, composition and perspective together with sound oil painting technique and the theory of colour.

I will advise you on which canvas, paint and brushes to purchase. 

THURSDAYS: 19h00 – 21h00

DATES: 27 Jan – 17 March 2022


PRICE: R1000.00

Bookings and Enquiries:  

Anne Foale – sms: 076 374 4255 / email: annefoaleprice@gmail.com 

Pre-school, Primary teachers & Mothers, art enrichment course - MAVIS FOALE

PRE SCHOOL, PRIMARY TEACHERS & MOTHERS ART ENRICHMENT COURSE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           MAVIS FOALE

Teachers and mothers have a tremendous responsibility to establish a positive learning environment in which creativity and individuality thrive.

This art programme will inspire enthusiastic and dedicated teaching with exciting lessons, many different media and techniques.

Through slides on the development stages of Child Art, the theory of colour and practical application, participants will be challenged to nurture the seeds of creativity in their schools and homes and grow as artists themselves. 

The six evenings include gauche, tempera paint, watercolour, clay, drawings in pencil and charcoal, mono printing, oil pastel and collage sessions. 

TUESDAY: 19h00 – 21h00   

DATES: 2021 TBC       

SESSIONS:            6

PRICE:                  TBC

Enquiries and bookings: Mavis 021 689 3819 emfoale@gmail.com

Wellness Group - DEBBIE BUB

WELLNESS GROUP                                   DEBBIE BUB

  • Do you spend most of your time sitting at home because you are feeling down and have low energy?
  • Do you often feel anxious and isolate yourself from other people?
  • Have you stopped doing the activities that you used to enjoy and are struggling in your life roles?
  • Are you wanting to expand and enrich your experience of yourself and your life?
  • Come and join a weekly therapeutic group that offers opportunities to create, engage, socialise and share.
  • DAYS AND TIMES:  Thursdays 10h00 – 12h00
  • DATES:          27 Jan – 24 March
  • PRICE:           R330 per lessonSessions are facilitated by a registered occupational therapist.  Fees can be claimed from your medical aid.

    Enquiries and bookings:           Debbie Bub: 079 239 3134 debbiebub@gmail.com

    Do you spend most of your time sitting at home because you are feeling down and have low energy?

    Do you often feel anxious and isolate yourself from other people

Ilhaam Stoloff - Developing Your Artist Identity & Portfolio Development

You may select one of the following modules:

  • Developing Your Artist Identity


If you have a creative need to connect with your own unique artist identity but are not able to study Fine Art full-time, then this course is for you!  Through 20+ years of art education and practice, I have carefully constructed my ultimate teaching and learning experience that will guide you to find your authentic voice as an artist.  Whether you want to develop a body of work for an exhibition, engage in a process of meaning-making, or contribute to human knowledge, together we will establish your intention and work accordingly to enable you to realise it.

  • Portfolio Development


This is a tailormade course that is specifically designed to provide you with the right kind of powerful knowledge you need to produce a strong practical portfolio for your application into any Art & Design programme at any higher education institution anywhere in the world.  The specific portfolio requirements will be met one project at a time, through an atmosphere of collaboration, conceptualisation, and production.  Not only will you complete a portfolio that is reflective of who you are, you will also learn life-long principles and skills that you can confidently apply throughout your studies and future practice.

You may select one of the following learning options:


Contact Learning (Group)

Time: 18:00 to 21:00

Days: Tuesdays

Cost: R480 per session (pay as you go)

Structure: You may start anytime and come for as long as you like.

Venue: Private Residence in Newlands 


Contact Learning (Private)

Time: Mutually convenient 

Cost: R800 per hour for 2 hrs

Structure: To be discussed


+27 (0) 84 200 1505   |   www.ilhaamstoloff.com   |   stoloffilhaam@gmail.com

Our Adult Education programme is run by teachers and facilitators independent of the Peter Clarke Art Centre.

The teachers/facilitators rent the rooms from the Art Centre and we accept their application to run courses from this venue, provided that the courses fit into a broad Arts category.

Some courses are experimental because we like to give new teachers/facilitators a chance to add variety to our courses.

Please note the following applies to participants in this programme:

  • All photocopies are R1.00 per page (A4)
  • Your course teacher/facilitator is responsible for providing refreshments during courses.
  • Please do not use the tea/coffee belonging to PCAC.
  • Please do not use equipment like paper, paints, brushes, scissors, etc. in the classrooms, as these are used by our children and come off the PCAC budget.
  • We unfortunately do not have storage facilities for work in progress.
  • Please recycle all paper and card, but other rubbish is to be thrown into a normal bin.

We hope you will benefit from the courses offered by our Adult Education programmes.

Please view the workshops available and contact the course organiser to secure your place.