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Morning Teaching Programme

Grade’s 8/9 Schools Programme

Grade’s 8 and 9 learners from five schools who do not have a trained art teacher are brought to the PCAC as part of the schools Creative Arts – Visual Art programme. We work closely with the schools in assessing these learners and enabling them to develop an appropriate portfolio for the end of the GET band. Many of these learners continue their art studies at the PCAC in the FET band from Grades 10 to 12.


LSEN Learners


(Learners with Special Educational Needs)

Five LSEN schools transport both primary and high school learners to the PCAC for art workshops in the morning.



Enrichment Programmes


Various schools (LSEN, GET, FET) book once off art lessons at the centre to improve their skills and to enrich their understanding of Visual Art.



FET Support

Five schools that offer FET Visual Art and Design attend 3 art lessons per term at the art centre to support their portfolios. Three FET Design teachers travel to ID Mkhize once a week to run the Design Department at the school. Both practical and theoretical curricular needs are catered for.


Local Primary Schools

Neighbourhood primary schools walk or transport several classes to the PCAC each term for four-hourly morning art lessons in Visual Arts. We work closely with the teachers in setting specific projects for these classes according to curricular themes.