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Peter Clarke - The Artist


A festival of phantoms, family, friends, acquaintances no longer there, Memories of good times, laughter, lively conversations dangling unheard in the air.

Written in Fanfare, 2004, p 17 – Peter Clarke


“My art is about people and the presence of people. The humanistic image is what interests me. I enjoy reflecting on people and their activities, their emotions, what could be events in their daily lives. But beyond that I speak via my symbols of activities on a larger, wider scale that transcends all boundaries…. I speak about a heritage of a common humanity.” – Peter Clarke, 1983


Peter taught in the print-making studio passing on his skills as a print-maker.

Honorary Life Artist-in-Residency


The late local and internationally acclaimed artist Peter Clarke (1929-2014) , had a long association with the Art Centre and Ibhabhathane. He was one of South Africa’s most revered print-makers and artists. He was an artist–in–residence at the centre on more than one occasion and opened several of the schools exhibition’s over the years. Not only has he inspired the Art Centre learners whom he taught in the print-making studio, passing on his skills as a print-maker, but he also shared his wisdom about art and life.

His art is studied in the CAPS school curriculum and therefore Peter is known to the learners. The centre has a small collection of prints which were donated to the centre by the artist himself and are exhibited in the building.

“I spent a lot of time with Mr Clarke, as I watched him work. There is a gentleness, peace and serenity about him. He works slowly and delicately. His work and actions display his compassion towards his fellow man.” Ackeem Junior Ngwenya, Grade 12 Drawing and Painting learner, 2006